If your dreams are as big as the night sky over Arizona, then you can very likely imagine yourself in a new home at Foxboro Ranch Estates. The name says a lot. The lot sizes are generous, as is the location. Imagine rural living in a setting that resembles wild ranchland from the pioneers – yet, with the modern conveniences of your new home! Build that fantastic home you have always wanted but never found the right setting, until now. There are still some choice lots available so don’t delay.

The Benefits Of Rural Living

If you are asking yourself about Foxboro Ranch Estates and wondering “Why should I want to live in such a community?” there are several reasons. First is the freedom. Yes, that’s right. When you have a large building lot at your disposal, you have a lot of freedom regarding where that new house you will build sits on the lot and how much of the lot it will occupy.

Then there’s the freedom to choose your landscaping options. Will you add an outdoor pool or hot tub? What about additional outdoor living space like a large patio and outdoor kitchen for entertaining? Then you have the freedom to choose the rest of the look of your yard: with or without a garden, outbuildings, a water feature, or whatever your heart desires.

Less City And More Country

Speaking of benefits…when you build your new home on a lot at Foxboro Ranch Estates you are taking possession of a little piece of the country. You no longer have to fight the rush hour traffic to get to your home inside the city. In fact, the moment you get out of the city and the traffic and noise you will begin to relax. Within minutes you will be home and already relaxed instead of stressed out from the commute home from work. Plus, with the city not far away, if you crave any of the elements that the city provides you are still just minutes away. Plan on a nice dinner out or a movie? The city is just a few miles away and easy to get to when you need to.

Limited Time Offer

Here’s another answer to the question, “Why should I want to live in a community like Foxboro?” Simple, because if you act now, you will be one of the few to live out that dream of having a country home located not far from the city. There are still some great building lots left, and you have only a limited time to act on this offer. That’s just how it goes when an offer like this appears and believe us when we say these kinds of opportunities are not common.

The lots at Foxboro Ranch Estates will not sit empty for very long as a result. To tour the site and see what you could be missing, contact Foxboro Ranch Estates via email, or you could just phone our office direct at 928-440-1198. The sooner you call, the sooner you could be daydreaming underneath the stars in that wide open Arizona sky about your new home at Foxboro.