Living in Foxboro Ranch Estates means you belong to a luxury mountain community that has some of the best places to visit in the U.S., less than 40 miles away. Experiencing the mountain lifestyle is all about enjoying nature, eating great food, and creating unforgettable memories. And, one of the best places nearby is Sedona.

Only 45 minutes away from Foxboro, Sedona is a one-of-a-kind place that is bound to take your breath away. It has everything. Known for its red rocks that glow at sunset, Sedona is also home to a vibrant arts community, and unforgettable wine tasting experiences. The weather is nice all year and the hiking trails take you deep into the red rocks where you can truly experience nature at its fullest.

People in Sedona call it the most beautiful place on earth in so many ways, and it is hard to disagree. That is why we want to show you a few reasons why living close to Sedona makes life in Foxboro amazing.

Star Gazing

Every night, Foxboro has some of the most breathtaking skies you have ever seen. However, Sedona is indescribable. For a perfect family weekend getaway, plan a stargazing trip. We recommend Evening Sky Tours. Every year since 2011, they have received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for their fantastic service. Their team will help you find Saturn and its rings, Jupiter, shootings stars, the Earth’s moon in glorious closeups, and hundreds of galaxies.

They keep the groups small (up to 12 people), so you can be sure that the experience will be fun for everyone.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

This is one of the most popular trails in Sedona and for a good reason. The Devil’s Bridge Trail is 4.5 miles long, and it is perfect for people who do not think they are fit enough for a more challenging trail. Most of the trail is easy, but there is a final 400-feet challenge to reach the top. Our advice? Go for it. The view is magnificent and worth the effort.

Wine Tours of Sedona

Many people do not know this, but Arizona produces great wine. Wine Tours of Sedona is a private, customizable tour around all the vineyards, tasting rooms, and micro-breweries in Verde Valley, Jerome, and Flagstaff. The tours are small and private, and they are even dog-friendly.

Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park

Sedona is also known as a spiritual power center. Native Americans regarded Sedona as a sacred place. People from all over the world come to find a natural place to meditate, and receive healing from what are known as energy vortexes. Regardless of your beliefs, the Amitabha Stupa is a beautiful place in Sedona that you cannot miss.
Foxboro Ranch Estates Has it All

We could go on and on about all that Sedona has to offer, but you have to see it for yourself. Owning a mountain community home in Foxboro will put all of this a few miles away. Call us today to learn more about how Foxboro could be the right investment for.