Building a home is not a simple task. There are so many moving parts, and people involved, that a lot of details can go unnoticed if you do it alone.Unless you are in the construction business, many basic home-building questions will be difficult for you to know the answer to. For example, how can you tell a reliable contractor from another? Are they capable of building a luxury home? What building permits will you need? Is it different because the house will be in a ranch estate? Are there any environmental regulations to consider?

However, let’s say you or someone you trust knows the answer to these questions and dozens more. You would still have to deal with permits, paperwork, and deadlines. We think you would not want to deal with all of this. The concept of a luxury mountain home is to relax and enjoy life, not being inconvenienced. Having the option, why not let somebody else do it? That is why at Foxboro we call ourselves an all-inclusive real estate company.
So, what does that mean?

An all-inclusive real estate company takes care of all the steps necessary to build a house. From the permits, designing the house, to building and painting it. Here is a full list of some of the most important tasks:

  • Architectural Design
  • Permitting
  • Selection of Finishes
  • Site Work and Grading
  • Foundation Pouring
  • Framing
  • Mechanical Insulation
  • Insulation and Sheetrock
  • Paint and Trim
  • Landscaping
  • Final Walk Through
  • Skip the Red Tape

Letting us lead the project for you is a smart decision. Think about building permits. That is just one aspect of building a mountain home in Foxboro, but it will illustrate how annoying these processes can be.

A quick Google search of residential permitting in Coconino County will show you the “Building Permit Procedures and Minimum Plan Requirements for Residential Projects” document. This is an important document—while not the only
one—and it is descriptive enough to give you an idea of the complexity of building a luxury home.

This PDF contains contains 18 clauses, 72 subclauses and 26 sub-subclauses. This isn’t unusual, and it could be worse, but if this isn’t your thing, it will be overwhelming to figure out what this document requires.

But as a summary, the beginning of the document has this message for anyone who applies for a building permit:

The applicant must receive approvals from Planning and Zoning, Environmental Quality, Engineering, and the Building Division before a Building Permit will be issued.

We are not saying you cannot do it. We are saying you do not have to do it yourself. We deal with this all the time. We know all the steps to get all the permits you need so that the building process can move forward without a hitch.

How We Make It Simple

Trying to explain what an all-inclusive real estate service does has the risk of sounding like an over-simplification. Building a luxury home is not easy, but with the right partners, it can be simple.

Here are some questions that we get asked often:

Will Foxboro take care of the designing the house? 

Yes. We will make sure you love the design before building anything.

Will Foxboro take care of permitting and paperwork? 

Yes. We even take care of getting the seal of approval from the Homeowner’s Association.

Will Foxboro take care of building the house? 

Yes. From site work and grading, to pouring the foundation, framing, and insulation.

Will Foxboro take care of finishing?

Yes. We will paint, trim and landscape your house.

Will Foxboro take care of setting up the utilities?

Yes. The house will be ready with water, sewage, internet, electricity, gas, and telephone service.

Will Foxboro take care of moving? 

Yes. We can recommend some of the best moving companies we know.

We would love to give you a private tour of the properties. Our limited offer of 57 lots will go fast, so call us now at 928-525-4617.