If you are looking to invest at Foxboro Ranch Estates it will be important to know what attractions and points of interest are close to your new home. With such close proximity to Flagstaff, Arizona, you still have the experience of rural living not far from a growing city. This means there are a lot of things to see and do in and around the area.

Because you will be living in this unique part of the United States you will be able to experience a wide variety of attractions that are natural and unique to the Southwest culture and landscape. Here is just a sample of the attractions and points of interest you will find in the area near Foxboro Ranch Estates:

Outdoor Landscapes

The biggest attraction in the Flagstaff area is the Grand Canyon. The city is the largest one near the Grand Canyon and is a gateway for visitors to this amazing landscape. Stargazers also find Flagstaff of interest as it is the first International Dark Sky City in the World. The Lowell Observatory is located near the city.

Historic Venues

The Museum of Northern Arizona is in Flagstaff as well as the Arboretum, Riordan Mansion and Pioneer Museum for history buffs. For cultural history there are Native American drum circles hosted in Buffalo Park and for other outdoor experiences you can visit the Painted Desert, Grand Falls, Walnut Canyon, Meteor Crater, Lake Tube Caves, Mormon Lake and Mt. Elden to name a few.

Active Lifestyles

If you are a hiker or biker you will find an endless selection of trails to explore and visit in and around the Grand Canyon. You can also experience camping, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding and more.

During winter you can ski or snowboard on one of only two ski hills in Arizona at Mt. Humphreys. This is also the home of the Arizona Snowbowl Resort. By making use of artificial snow creation, this resort has turned into the go-to place for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and sledding. In fact, it is also one of the major contributors to the local economy providing jobs and welcoming tourists all year round.

And There’s More

Depending on your interest you will be able to make friends, spend time and relax at several other attractions hosted in and around the Flagstaff area. This includes farmers markets, blackberry picking, mushroom foraging, music, film, beer and cultural festivals plus bluegrass music events. If racing is your thing, you can choose from bike races and marathons to winter races on foot, skis, snowshoes and more. Any of these activities you can join in as a participant or spectator.

Looking To Move To The Area?

Contact the real estate professionals at Foxboro Ranch Estates to find out more about what makes this part of Arizona so exciting and the place you want to have your new home. You are guaranteed to never have a boring day or afternoon when you make the Flagstaff area your place to live forever. You can call direct at 928-440-1198 or book an appointment via email.