Buying a home in the mountains is a great decision. The mountain lifestyle is an exclusive experience that connects you with nature and your loved ones. And from all the places in the US where you can have this amazing kind of life, Northern Arizona has the unique combination of the beauty of the Coconino National Forest and the convenience of the city life.

It’s hard to argue against the appeal of living in a mountain home. But just in case you had doubts, here are 4 reasons why the beauty of mountain home living is irresistible.

A Natural Work of Art

Mountain homes are like nothing else in the world. At home, every corner holds a sight. Light and colors coming in through the windows, and the breeze that shakes the leaves of the infinite forest around your home. The mountains so close to your home, but far enough to create a vast space around you. A perpetual smell of old pine and vanilla ponderosa needles. This is the kind of landscape you never get tired of. As the seasons go by and the colors change, you are reminded of the important things in your life.  

A Place to Connect

Mounting home living is about having a place of connection. Surrounded by the stillness of the forest, we instantly connect with something greater than us. Whatever that is for you, this is a space for fulfillment and sharing with those you love.

A home in the mountains is the perfect location for meditation and inspiration. There is beauty in the solace of being only with your thoughts. Other people prefer to write that book they’ve wanted to write or spend time working on their craft. Others want this lifestyle so they can have their friends and family over for unforgettable evenings of sharing stories and happy moments.

Whatever your reason is, the mountain lifestyle is a place to connect with people and nature.

Far Enough to Disconnect, But Close Enough to Stay Connected

Owning a home in such an exclusive location in Northern Arizona, gives you time to spend many days disconnected from the stress of the city. But just because the mountain lifestyle is associated with quietness, don’t think it’s boring.

For example, when you live in Foxboro, Flagstaff is 30 minutes away and Sedona is a 40-minute drive. What is the point of living so deep into the forest if all the convenience—and safety—of the city is hours away?

Unparalleled Design

Mountain homes are more beautiful than city homes. The interior design is more complex and detailed. Finding the right combination of the practicality of modern appliances and the reliability of natural materials will make your space perfect. Every day a spectacle of natural light and shadows painting your home, creating an alluring environment that is different every sunrise and sunset.

Foxboro’s Mountain Home Living

Northern Arizona is one of the best places to live in the US. Foxboro Ranch Estates has exclusive mountain sites where you can build your perfect home. We offer you an all-inclusive real estate service. We take care of everything from designing the home for you, to building it, taking care of the permits and even moving your things in. All you’ll have to do is use your key and enjoy.