Ever dreamed of having a custom-made, luxury home? Come to Foxboro Ranch Estates. We’re here to help you make the best home building investment!

The Right Price

Foxboro Ranch Estates offers high-end luxury homes in the Flagstaff area at the best prices. You can have an elegant home that’s one of a kind and fits into your budget. Starting at the low $200,000s we can get you the luxury house you’ve been looking for all your life.

Your Choice of Lot

Each individual home site takes full advantage of the terrain and topography to give you unparalleled views and privacy. You can choose from any of the available lots near the lakefront or near the tall, majestic pines. All lots are spacious and provide a generous 3,000 square feet for customizations. The ideal location for your luxury home is waiting for you!

Customize Inside and Out

What you do with the 3,000 sq. feet all depends on you. You can have a grand, spacious home that can fit a large family, or put up a huge pool for the kids to swim in over the summer. Or, you can have a larger outdoor space, a backyard for a weekend barbecue, or a relaxing patio space to serve guests with refreshments and drinks.

Now, how about your living room? Would you prefer a private setting with an inviting stone fireplace, or make it as high as possible with tall wooden beams? Will the kitchen have wide expanses or will you rather have a granite island? At Foxboro Ranch Estates, you’ll have complete control over how your home will look inside and out.

The material and the dimensions are all up to you. Luxury ranch-style homes ideally make use of organic materials and wide windows that provide breathtaking views. Choose from a variety of stone finishes, wood beams, and flooring for a truly unique house to call your own.

Everything Taken Care Of For You

Aside from the stunning scenery, you can look forward to a stress-free home experience. At Foxboro Ranch Estates we work with you from start to finish and handle all the aspects of home building. Our certified contractors will install the heating, electricity, plumbing, and construction, all according to your specifications. We will ensure that everything is in line with your preference, lifestyle, and the selected theme and design aesthetic for your home. Our master builders will personally oversee all building operations and allow you to spend your time where it matters most. All that’s left is to move in and start experiencing the lifestyle of living in a ranch-designed home.

Work With A Team Of Passionate Experts At Foxboro Ranch Estates

At Foxboro Ranch Estates we bring dream homes to life. Our licensed builders will work closely with you and take notes regarding considerations, needs, and desires leading up to the completion of your custom luxury home. Tell us all your preferences so we won’t miss a thing. You can rest assured that all materials used are of the highest quality and your budget will be maximized to the fullest. Once your home is built we do a comprehensive inspection to ensure that all areas work and are suitable for living. Call us today and experience ranch-styled living at its finest!