In 1898, President William McKinley established the San Francisco Mountain Forest Reserve. A 1,821-million acre area, northeast of Phoenix, surrounding Sedona and Flagstaff. This enormous land is home to multiple landscapes like flatlands, mesas, the famous Red Rocks of Sedona, endless ponderosa pine forests, and ancient volcanic peaks.

Two decades later, the forest reserve was re-established as the Coconino National Forest. There, a thirty minute ride from Flagstaff stands Foxboro Ranch Estates. A luxury mountain home site, perfect for successful men and women whose idea of retirement is savoring all that life has to offer.

Retiring To A Second Home in Northern Arizona

Choosing the right place to retire and enjoy the best years of your life is an important decision.  A second home to share with friends and family must have something for everyone. That is why we built Foxboro Ranch Estates—a place to live unforgettable experiences.

Retiring in northern Arizona is a great decision. But living in Foxboro is better. Here are some reasons why.

Exclusive Ownership

With a limited offering of 57 mountain home sites, each lot is a unique combination of extraordinary craftsmanship, and impeccable natural surroundings. You have the option to choose your home site as spacious as you want. From 1.9 to 5.19 acres, each lot comes with its own assured water supply, underground electricity lines, phone landline, internet service, and underground propane tanks.

The Best From Both Worlds

Foxboro Ranch Estates has the rare combination of the serenity of the mountain lifestyle, and the choice of having the city minutes away. Foxboro is a half hour drive from Flagstaff, and one hour away from Sedona. One day you could be hiking in Coconino’s forest trails, and the next day dining at one of the 5 star restaurants in historical downtown Flagstaff.

The Northern Arizona Experience

Northern Arizona is the best part of Arizona. There is something for everyone. From nature trails and events for the whole family, to local attractions like the Red Rock State Park, where you can horseback ride and hike. Additionally, you can spend your family afternoons fishing in the Slide Rock State Park, or skiing in the Arizona Snowbowl, both only one hour away.

All-Inclusive Real Estate Service

The moment you decide the lot for your next home, you have the option to hire your own contractors, or let Foxboro handle it for you. Our select partners group will take care of every stage of the building process. From the architectural design, permitting, site work, and finishes, to property management, mortgage, investment services, and home inspection, all under your supervision and approval. Let Foxboro Ranch Estates take the responsibility of giving you an exceptional place to retire.

Perfect Weather

Arizona is known for its dry heat and deserts. But that only happens in the south and central areas. Northern Arizona is different. Foxboro experiences the four seasons in all their splendor. The highest temperature in the summer is 82°F, balanced with an average 2.6” of rainfall during July and August.

Retiring in Foxboro Ranch Estates is a smart investment that will last for many years to come. Our all-inclusive real estate team will make the entire process of building a second home in Arizona, simple and hassle-free for you. We would love to give you a private tour of your next property. Contact us at or call 928-525-4617.