For many homeowners, the idea of building a luxury home feels like a pipe dream. The costs can be worrisome, and without the right information, making the decision to move forward with building the home of your dreams can be a difficult decision to make. At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we’re here for you and can help you build your home one brick at a time.

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, the cost of the home is based on its square footage at around $180 per square feet. This means that, for example, if we have a plot of land and build your home to be 3,000 square feet, the total to build your luxury home is $540,000. We do, however, offer various benefits and features as part of this process. Our lots boast great views and comfortable lifestyles within the gated community, and we will personally oversee the creation of every fixture in your home before installing it, ensuring that it meets your specifications.

Each lot that we offer is different, with Homesite 14 nestled in a meadow and surrounded by walking trails, while Homesite 17 is serenely secluded and overlooks two sparkling, clear lakes. Our lots are all positioned in nature so that homeowners can enjoy kayaking, hiking, or wine-tasting nearby. Our gated community is surrounded by forestry, lakes, and trails that encourage exploration and a peaceful quality of life. With 57 custom home sites, this makes our finite number of homes limited, but with every home sporting 3,000 square feet of building space.

With so many options and amenities available with Foxboro Ranch Estates, is $540,000 worth it? If you think so and want to build your luxury homes amongst the tall, lush pines of northern Arizona, call Foxboro Ranch Estates to learn more about the beautiful homes and scenery that awaits you.