Second Home in Sedona Arizona

If you’re the type of person who finds the idea of having a second home appealing, and you like adventure and fantastic landscapes, Foxboro Ranch Estates has exactly what you need. Our selection of second home developments in Sedona probably has a home that has your name written all over it, and you just need to find out which one it is.

There are many advantages to having a second home in a rustic town like Sedona. Sedona has the rural charms of a small town without being the typical sleepy or quiet town either. There’s always something to do in Sedona, and you will be surprised over and over at the opportunities available to you. In a town such as this, your second home will allow you to be self-reliant and enjoy activities like reading, meditation, and other arts, and you can choose the level of seclusion that you prefer to live in. Whether you want to spend your days with friends or family in the security of your second home, or outside independently hiking among the red rocks, the experiences are enjoyable and varied for all of your needs.

The scenic landscape around Sedona is iconic and beautiful, having found its way into many classic Western films. The woods, desert, and the intriguing, weathered formation of red rocks that is guaranteed to draw your attention and imagination. The area around Sedona has found its way into many Western movies. Plenty of tourists visit Sedona regularly to experience the mystic feeling of being close to nature and absorb the thousands of years worth of history in the region as well. Sedona is a magical place, and your second home built in this community will give you all of the opportunities you need to soak up the magic.

We build custom homes in Sedona, and they all have a distinctive rural feeling in homage to the aesthetics of Arizona. We love to hear what our clients’ dreams and wishes are, and we strive to accommodate them completely. Our homes are tailor-made to fit the needs of people who put their trust in us to build their perfect second home. We present you with all of the different choices you can make, and we’ll work you to ensure that the house you get is the second house you always dreamed of.

Once the house is built and all yours, you can choose for yourself how you want to use it, such as renting it out for tourists and visitors. People like to visit Sedona and the nearby town of Flagstaff, or they can use your home as their base for a trip to the Grand Canyon — it’s only an hour and a half long drive away. Or you can keep it all for yourself, and make it your place of respite. In time, you might get to enjoy it so much that you’ll want to move in permanently. You’ll never know unless you call Foxboro Ranch Estates and schedule a visit today.