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There’s a time in each person’s life when they want to have a home that just stands out from the rest. Be it an upgrade or a retirement move, sooner or later you’ve reached the place where nothing else will do other than a luxury home. That’s simply because you deserve it. But where exactly would you build this fabulous new part of your life?

If you’re looking for a home near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the place to go for luxury home sites is Foxboro Ranch Estates. It’s the perfect place simply because it has large, spacious lots perfect for you to design the special home of your dreams and have the extra space to do so. Take a chunk of land to build your future and at Foxboro Ranch Estates the chunks of land are meant for luxury homes and all the extras that come with them.

The Attraction of Rural Living Is Intoxicating

Let’s face it. To build the kind of home that you want to spend the best years or the rest of the years of your life just cannot be done in the confines of an urban setting. The lots are not big enough and there are a lot of hoops and hurdles to work your way around in order to build what you want.

In fact, the only way you could get anywhere close to the luxury home of your dreams is to build it somewhere outside of city limits. That’s where Foxboro Ranch Estates fits into the picture. It features rural settings and all the beauty that comes with being in the country. However, you are still within driving distance of the city. It’s the best of both worlds – and you still get the home of your dreams built on a large lot!

Sunsets, Sun Rises, Big Skies

Think about the views. At Foxboro Ranch Estates your large building lot will have a view you would never manage to get close to if you built in the city. The sunsets and sun rises will be unspoiled.

There’s no smog or noise pollution to ruin them. When you live in the country, everything is bigger and brighter when it comes to nature. You can have all of this with plenty of extras just by building your luxury home somewhere far enough away to feel as if you are miles away from the noise and pollution of the city. Even if you have to commute into the city for work, your home will become your relaxing getaway. It will be your safe place.

Your luxury home at Foxboro Ranch Estates will be your special place in the country that you will get to spend each and every night at after a day in the office. If your luxury home is your retirement home, imagine not leaving the property for days on end because you don’t have to!

For More Information

There is a limited supply of lots to choose from. Act soon in order to still get the pick of the best ones remaining. To find out more about Foxboro Ranch Estates, contact the office via email. Or if you would like to book a viewing of the available lots for your next home, call the Foxboro Ranch Estates office at 928-440-1198.


Foxboro Ranch Estates offers 57 ponderosa pine covered homesites.

Most lots in the gated community back the national forest. Homeowners enjoy a magnificent log clubhouse, stocked fishing lakes, walking paths and ramadas.


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