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Why You Should Choose Foxboro to Host Your Wedding 

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we provide couples from Arizona and beyond with the most ideal wedding venue in the southwest that captures the natural beauty of the state, and more importantly, the natural beauty of their love.

About Foxboro Ranch Estates

Foxboro Ranch Estates is a privately owned and operated community that allows homeowners to build the homes of their dreams in the pristine land of Northern Arizona. The land that Foxboro Ranch Estates is situated on began to be homesteaded about a century and a half ago which demonstrates how desired property in the high country of Arizona is. The land we own provides a mixture of spacious mountain landscapes and intimate nooks surrounded by the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the contiguous United States. Over the years, our land a Foxboro has become the pinnacle to carry on the homesteading traditions established so long ago. At Foxboro Ranch Estates we offer 57 luxury homesites and a stunning 8,000 square foot wedding venue situated in the heart of Northern Arizona.

Brief History of Munds Park

Foxboro Ranch Estates is located in Munds Park, Arizona which is within an hour of Flagstaff, Williams, and Sedona and about 126 miles north of Phoenix. Munds Park is a historically rich area that provides residents and couples with a wonderful place to make meaningful memories whether you spend one day or fifty years with us. Munds Park is a quaint town that was initially settled by the indigenous peoples of Northern Arizona followed by settlers of the west including William Munds who the town is named after.

Munds Park is a historical site in Northern Arizona because of the way it was developed. In the times of early homesteading, individuals could claim up to 160 acres of land where they would build their homes and run their cattle. In fact, Foxboro Ranch Estates was made up of various cattle ranches and many cattle ranches still call Munds Park home today. The ranching boom brought more settlers to Northern Arizona for endless access to prosperous land filled with abundant resources and opportunity to grow.

What Sets Foxboro Ranch Estates Apart

Whether you are making the choice to build a home or host a wedding with Foxboro Ranch Estates, we are unique in our ability to provide a breathtaking experience that will make a lasting impression on your family, friends, and life. In addition to being privately owned and operated, Foxboro Ranch Estates is an exclusive community that is closed to the public. It is our goal to keep a close, tight-knit community that builds memories and keeps the land around us pristine. The fresh mountain air that you will breathe in at Foxboro Ranch Estates will clear your mind and allow you to feel at home.

Couples looking to get married at Foxboro Ranch estates have the chance to create a wedding that they are 100% satisfied with. Foxboro Ranch Estates sets itself apart from other wedding venues because we are located within a residential community. The best thing about being surrounded by homes, is that our residents welcome couples and want to share a piece of Foxboro with them because it is an extremely special place.

Hosting a Summer Wedding in Northern Arizona

Optimal Weather for Your Wedding

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, our wedding venue is available throughout the summer wedding season beginning in June and ending in September. Foxboro Ranch Estates makes it possible for couples to have a summer wedding in Arizona without experiencing the blistering summer heat that affects most areas of the state. Summer temperatures range from low seventies to high eighties during the day which allows for a comfortable climate for you and your guests. In addition, the trees surrounding the venue provide a protective barrier that shelter your ceremony and reception from the occasional summer winds that blow through our property. Northern Arizona has a temperate climate that provides both cool and warm summer days with clear blue skies and bright sunshine that allows ideal outdoor temperatures for your special day.

Our Foxboro Ranch Estates wedding venue is located in a convenient destination that allows Arizona couples to have a destination wedding at 7,000 feet elevation. The fresh mountain air will provide a fresh atmosphere that your wedding guests will appreciate. Our wedding venue is within reasonable distance for your wedding party and closest family and friends from all over Arizona to travel to and is easily accessible by cars, planes, and trains. If your guests are traveling from out of state, there are many ways for them to make it to your wedding with ease and comfort.

Comfortable Lodging for Your Wedding Party and Guests

Foxboro Ranch Estates is an ideal wedding venue because it is located within 30 minutes of Flagstaff and 50 minutes from Sedona which are home to many comfortable and quality lodging options for you and your partner, your wedding party, and your guests. Whether you and your guests would prefer to stay in a hotel or Airbnb, Flagstaff, Munds Park, and Sedona are always prepared to take care of their visitors with professionalism, friendliness, and warmth. Each location offers the proper aesthetic you want to create for your wedding whether you would prefer to stay in a cozy cabin in Flagstaff or airy villa in Sedona.

Northern Arizona Activities to Personalize Your Wedding Experience

In addition to comfortable and quality lodging, the areas surrounding Foxboro Ranch Estates provides many amenities and activities for your family and friends that travel to Northern Arizona for your wedding. To create the most memorable wedding experience, the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona offer unique experiences for your wedding party to enjoy. Amenities and activities in the area include, but are not limited to, hiking trails, breweries, restaurants, local shopping, wine bars and wineries, jeep tours, golf courses, fishing, agility courses, kayaking, boating, and live music. Each of these activities serve as a way to personalize your wedding experience and build an itinerary your guests remember for years to come.

At Foxboro Estates, it is our goal to provide couples with the best wedding venue location that allows them to stay true to what they want while centering their wedding around the most notable features of Northern Arizona.

About Our Foxboro Ranch Estates Wedding Venue

When planning the wedding you have always dreamt of, it is important to choose a venue that allows you to have everything you would like for one of the most important days of your life. Our Foxboro Ranch Estates wedding venue includes both an outdoor and indoor space to have the wedding you envision. Our clubhouse is 8,000 square feet which includes two spaces. The ceremony will be held in our open concept outdoor villa and the reception will take place inside our beautifully crafted clubhouse. Both spaces create a cohesive and seamless flow from your ceremony to your reception.

Benefits of Hosting Your Wedding at Foxboro  

Our high-end wedding venue at Foxboro Ranch Estates offers a variety of benefits to couples including the lush landscape surrounding our venue, our guest limit that creates a loving atmosphere, and your freedom in customizing your wedding using our top-of-the-line venue.

Say, “I do” Surrounded by Breathtaking Landscape

At Foxboro Ranch Estates our most notable attribute of our wedding venue is our unbeatable landscape. Northern Arizona is known for its pristine natural environment that residents and tourists are able to enjoy all year long, but in the summer months, Munds Park is a particularly breathtaking place to hose your wedding. The land that Foxboro Ranch Estates is situated on is surrounded by towering Ponderosa Pine trees, fields painted with shades of golden yellow and green, and a sparkling lake the sun shines onto throughout the day. In addition to its natural features, there are a variety of animals that call the area home such as majestic elk, whimsical deer, singing birds, and fluffy squirrels that keep the land alive. If you have always pictured having an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature’s most beautiful elements, let Foxboro provide you with a venue that fits in perfectly with your vision.

Host an Intimate Wedding with Your Closest Family and Friends

Since Foxboro is a high-end wedding venue, we only allow a maximum of 125 guests per wedding. A guest limit creates an intimate atmosphere for your wedding and allows you and your partner to spend time with everyone who has the pleasure of attending your wedding. When having a wedding, you want your guests to feel welcome and not be crowded in a large group of people. Weddings with a smaller guest limit allow for a high-quality wedding that best fits you and your partner’s needs while being able to hand-pick the family and friends you would like to spend your special day with.

Plan the Wedding You’ve Always Envisioned

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, it is our goal to provide couples with a venue that fits with their wedding goals, so they can plan the wedding they want. When choosing to host your wedding at Foxboro, our agreement does not come with any strings attached requiring to couples to use a specific caterer, band, seating arrangement, wedding planner, or anything pertaining to your wedding. Our job is to provide you with the most beautiful venue in Northern Arizona while you choose the rest of the specific and special details that add to your big day.

Have the Wedding of Your Dreams at Foxboro Ranch Estates

Whether you are a valley couple from Scottsdale looking to get married in the gorgeous high country of Northern Arizona or alumni who met at NAU and want to get married where your love began, Foxboro Ranch Estates is eager to be a part of your special day. Choosing a wedding venue that meets the expectations of your wedding day is essential, and at Foxboro Ranch Estates, we are confident that our wedding venue will surpass all expectations you have.

Planning Your Wedding in Arizona

In addition to working closely with couples, Foxboro Ranch Estates wants to build relationships with credible wedding planners across that the state of Arizona that understand the quality of our venue. Wedding planners work closely with couples to schedule out all the minor and major details of a wedding to make sure they are carefully and specifically planned in a way that pleases their clients. Wedding planners know exactly what their clients want which will help them recommend Foxboro Ranch Estates to their couples who want their wedding to be an intimate and breathtaking outdoor experience that they can look back on for many generations.

Foxboro Ranch Estates Wants to Work with You

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we know how important your wedding is which is why it is important for us to be flexible yet strategic with how weddings are conducted at our venue. When you book our venue, we do not provide any service other than the administration of our facility which allows planners and couples to plan the exact wedding they envision. You receive the venue from 9:00 AM on the day of the wedding through 11:00 PM that evening. Upon request, some of your wedding details such as seating will be allowed to be set up the night before. We also require that you use a licensed caterer and bartender that will provide you with excellent service that you and your wedding guests will be happy with.

Reserve Your Dream Wedding Venue at Foxboro Ranch Estates

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we welcome couples from all over Arizona who choose to get married at our high-end wedding venue. In the high country of Northern Arizona, there are not many outdoor wedding venues that do justice the beautiful mountainous land of the southwest. The wedding venue at Foxboro Estates is a sought-after destination for couples who appreciate all our property has to offer in addition to the area is it located it. From Foxboro’s historically rich land to its intimate and natural atmosphere, it is truly the best place to host your wedding.


Foxboro Ranch Estates offers 57 ponderosa pine covered homesites.

Most lots in the gated community back the national forest. Homeowners enjoy a magnificent log clubhouse, stocked fishing lakes, walking paths and ramadas.


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