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History of Munds Park

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we are located on culturally and historically significant land that has played an important role in the development of Northern Arizona. The history of our area is important to current and future residents who want to join our community and understand the place they call home.

Munds Park, Arizona is a historically rich area that sits outside Flagstaff, Arizona. It is a small rural town located in Coconino County along with the towns of Sedona, Flagstaff, Page, and Williams. It is about 126 miles north of Phoenix which makes it an ideal spot to access all that Arizona has to offer.

Munds Park was settled during the time of homesteading when Americans could homestead about 160 acres. On these large areas of land, they would build their homes, farm their animals, and make lives for themselves out west. The area of Northern Arizona was a practical place to settle because it is located in the world’s largest Ponderosa Pines forest allowing for shade and seclusion in Arizona’s warm summer months. Munds Park also provided easy access to other climates where families could move south during the winter months when it became uncomfortably cold.

Earliest Settlers of Munds Park

The indigenous settlers were the first group of people to homestead the land that we now call Munds Park. As the eastern United States was settled, many indigenous peoples moved west to resettle their nations in Arizona’s deserts and mountains. Northern Arizona is part of sacred land that was explored long before the first American settlers began homesteading in Munds Park and the surrounding areas. In fact, they were the first homesteaders who were hunter-gatherers, farmers, caretakers, herders, and ranchers.

Native American History Near Munds Park

About an hour away from Munds Park are two very prominent ancient ruins that contribute to Northern Arizona’s legacy.


  • Wupatki National Monument is located between the Ponderosa Highlands and Painted Desert. The monument is made up of ancient red-rock pueblos that are situated across the prairie. The indigenous people who settled there thrived. In an area where water and food seem scarce, they created a community that appreciated and nurtured the land. Over the past hundred decades, Wupatki has been home to various groups that used the land’s resources to build community and teach current residents of Northern Arizona to appreciate the culture that made it what it is today.
  • Walnut Canyon is another national monument with pueblos built into the side of a canyon that reveal a glimpse into how ancient peoples lived thousands of year ago in this area. The monument was established in 1915 to preserve the cliff dwellings that are a site of archeological artifacts and are able to be visited daily.

How Munds Park Got Its Name

Munds Park was named after William Munds, a settler whose family homesteaded in the area. The Munds family were immigrants who first settled in Northern California. William Munds was a successful cattle rancher who took his money to Oregon and then moved the southwest settling in Cottonwood, Arizona located in the Verde Valley. The Munds family then moved along Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona but would eventually settle permanently up north in the area now known as Munds Park. The Munds family settled the land by building homes and running their cattle that would explore land between Munds Park and the Verde Valley which is about 37 miles.

When more families began to travel to the area and settle in Munds Park, it allowed for a thriving atmosphere which became so popular that local ranchers had to start branding their cattle to differentiate between different herds. In the summer the cattle would stay in Munds Park and in the cold winter months they would go back down to the Verde Valley. The ranching boom in Munds Park brought more settlers to Northern Arizona for easy access to prosperous land with abundant resources and opportunity to grow.

How Munds Park Became Residential

Being able to claim all the land you wanted was not very beneficial to the growth of Munds Park, so changes were made to regulate buying property. With changes in how people could homestead, the areas like Munds Park became more established and as technology has evolved more have moved to the region to enjoy its natural beauty and gorgeous wildlife. Individuals who moved to areas like Sedona and Flagstaff contributed to its residential growth because they sought out the quaint and peaceful life Munds Park had to offer.

Notable Features of Munds Park

Today, Munds Park is still a sought-after location for people who have a passion for the outdoors. Surrounded by Northern Arizona’s lush, natural beauty and sitting in the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the nation, the area is the perfect home-base to experience the beauty of the state while enjoying a mild climate through most of the year.

Certified Dark Sky City

As a part of Dark Sky Country, Munds Park captures the beauty of what it is like to live without the glare of city lights on your night sky. It has been found that most of the United States is affected by artificial light not allowing for a clear view of the night sky. Since Munds Park is located next to Flagstaff, residents can enjoy the results of living next to a dark sky city and experience the benefits of it. In 2001, Flagstaff become the first International Dark Sky City whose goal is to preserve the night sky allowing for astronomers to conduct research at Lowell Observatory and limit light pollution. Lowell Observatory is located in Flagstaff and holds regular events for Northern Arizona residents to attend. Thanks to Flagstaff’s light pollution restrictions, Munds Park residents can view starry skies year-round. To experience the night sky’s beauty all you have to do is look up. Imagine being able to walk out into your Foxboro property’s backyard to sit around a warm fire pit to stargaze whether is it a crisp fall evening or a warm summer night.

Experiencing the Outdoors in Munds Park

Munds Park offers a variety of things to enjoy all year long. With its lush evergreen forests, clean air, and small lakes, Munds Park has a lot to offer throughout the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons

Summer and Fall Outdoor Activities in Munds Park

In the warmer months, there are many activities to do including backpacking, horseback riding, kayaking, rock climbing, and camping. Getting out into nature is something Northern Arizonans value which is why park services keep its outdoor spaces pristine and preserved. In the fall, the mountains turn a crisp yellow bringing in fall colors. About 30 minutes away from Munds Park, residents can go explore Lockett Meadow which offers a breathtaking view of the aspen trees that give residents and tourists a show every year when they change colors.

Munds Park is a town that offers many outdoor recreation activities, and in the warmer months there is nothing better than having access to bodies of water to cool off in. Munds Park is home to several lakes: Lake O’Dell, Lake Mary, and Mormon Lake. Lake O’Dell is the most popular body of water due to its optimal fishing and kayaking. The lake is full of trout that leave fishermen pleased and birds like Osprey and Bald Eagles happy as they migrate through the area. Lake Mary and Mormon Lake are natural lakes that are surrounded by elk and deer who rely on it for water.

Winter and Spring Outdoor Activities in Munds Park

In the colder months, snowfall allows residents to do activities like snowshoe, snowboard, sled, and cross-country ski. Located within an hour of the only ski resort in the state of Arizona, Munds Park gives residents close access to Snowbowl. As the months get colder and begin to warm up again, hiking is a popular activity that allows you to get out and enjoy the spring sunshine.

The Munds Park Trail System includes various trails that surround the town for mountain biking, off-roading, and hiking. Off-roading is a popular activity because there are many destinations that allow for all-terrain vehicles. The Arizona Trail which stems from Mexico to Utah offering residents a way to explore the states and hike a historic trail year-round.

The unique features of Munds Park allow for residents to be fulfilled in a town that offers plenty of activities and gorgeous scenery for its year-round and seasonal residents.

Benefits of Living in Munds Park

Adding to Munds Park’s notable features, there are many benefits to living in Northern Arizona’s Munds Park.

  • Access to incredible landscape every day – Whether you prefer to drive around the mountains or hike them, there is no disputing that Northern Arizona has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. From the amazing view of the San Francisco Peaks to the famous Sedona Red Rocks, there is always something to appreciate.


  • Living in high altitude increase in your health – In a mountain town like Munds Park you are located at 6,500 feet which offers a variety of health benefits to its residents. First, the tap water comes from underground aquifiers which make it a first source region where you get to drink fresh water every day. Second, being at a higher altitude allows the air to be clearer; there is never any air pollution unless the park services is performing control burns in and around Munds Park. Third, your cardiovascular health increases when you live at a higher elevation. The air is thinner which makes your lungs work harder making them stronger.


  • There is always something to do! – If the exploring the outdoors is not for you, there are events held in and around Munds Park every week. In the summer and fall months, there are events like the Coconino County Fair, Music Festivals, Flagstaff Pro-Rodeo, Fall Festivals, Movies in the Square, and the Flagstaff Farmer’s Market and Urban Flea Market. In the winter months, the Farmer’s Market moves down to Sedona, the Christmas tree lighting, Snowbowl opens, NAU’s homecoming, plays at Theatrikos, Flagstaff’s light parade, and more.

Host Your Wedding/Event in Historic and Beautiful Munds Park

In addition to our beautiful community at Foxboro, our clubhouse will be available for rent in 2019. The lovely ponderosa pine backdrop will be perfect for your wedding and the festivities that follow. The rental season is from June through September, and we only book one event per week to create an environment that is 100% unique to you. If you’re looking to get married with nature as your backdrop, Foxboro is the venue for you. Our clubhouse is positioned in the middle of lush fields which create a quiet, peaceful, and natural look for you and your partner. You will not have to worry about the bustle of the city affecting your ceremony. For our wedding we allow up to 125 guest per event which allows for an intimate gathering for such an important event. At Foxboro, we guarantee that our location will aid to the aesthetic you envision for your special day.

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Why You Should Let Foxboro Help You Build Your Dream Home

At Foxboro estates, we have desirable living conditions that could be yours for a lifetime. We have plots of land that make up the Foxboro Ranch Estates community and offer you a little piece of historic Northern Arizona. Quiet country living provides homeowners with memories that will last a lifetime whether you are looking to build a permanent home or the vacation home of your dreams. Foxboro Ranch Estates is a community of luxurious mountain homes located in Munds Park, Arizona. If you purchase land in Foxboro Ranch estates you will be able to build the home of you have always wanted, and enjoy open space and private mountain living.  


Foxboro Ranch Estates offers 57 ponderosa pine covered homesites.

Most lots in the gated community back the national forest. Homeowners enjoy a magnificent log clubhouse, stocked fishing lakes, walking paths and ramadas.


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