Building A Luxury Home With Foxboro Ranch Estates & Everything You Need to Know About Lots, Materials, & Costs

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we are proud to offer beautiful, luxury homesites in the heart of the national forest in Northern Arizona. Investing now in the perfect home will ensure you have a place for the following generations of your family to grow and make memories. We are dedicated to serving you and will create the house that will last you and your family many generations.

What Makes Foxboro Ranch Estates Unique & Special?

Formerly known as the Foxboro Ranch, the land on the estate was expansive and a primary ranching location with dirt roads connecting Northern Arizona. While times have changed and the ranch is a timeless perk of living at Foxboro Ranch Estates, the feeling of being close to nature is preserved on our estate’s homesites.

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, our homesites are surrounded by scenic forests and lakes. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic along the water or hike along the forest trails, our estate’s location has something for everyone. We are located in the best of Arizona’s high-country terrain, and the expansive, quiet quality of the homesites will allow you to to live your life the way you want to. Whether you’re retired or want to build a home where you can raise your young family, our homes will meet your needs.

We craft our homes from the best materials. Built with beautiful, strong Timberwood imported from Canada, we will not only build the home of your dreams, but you will have a home that can be passed on from one generation to the next, lasting for many years and allowing you to develop cherished memories with your family.

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we work closely with all of our clients to help them build the home they want. Our contractors will take care of all of the important details that will get your home up and running as quickly as possible. Our licensed builders will work closely with you so every last detail will be hand chosen and selected to perfectly match your needs and preferences. We focus on quality that will last many lifetimes so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Homesites at Foxboro Ranch Estates

With a total of 57 homesites available in Foxboro Ranch Estates and all positioned in beautiful, scenic locations on the estate. We have homesites near the lakefront or in the pines, and your new home can be built to your specifications. When you decide to build a luxury home with Foxboro Ranch Estates, you get your choice of lot, and the possibilities are endless.

You are able to look at all of the options and locations and decide which one would be the perfect one for you and the generations of your family to come. Each individual home has its own benefits and topography. You will be able to find the perfect views and privacy levels according to what you want out of a home. Our homesites include 3,000 square feet for you to customize to your liking, whether you want a long, expansive driveway or have a statue installed outside, we can meet your needs.

Selecting Materials With Foxboro Ranch Estates

When you build a luxury home with Foxboro Ranch Estates is you get to make all of the decisions in building your dream home. You could have a pool, barbecue area, patio space, or a garden. You could make your living room cozy and inviting, or open and bright. You can choose and customize all of the materials which is what makes Foxboro Ranch Estates so unique and is why their properties are priceless.

Materials and dimensions are completely up to you. You will be able to choose from a large variety of materials and options to make the house a home you can uniquely call your own. We always use the most quality materials so you can rest assured you will have a long-lasting and perfectly functioning home. We hope to take care of all of the work so that your house is perfect in every way and you do not have to worry about anything.

The Costs To Build Homes With Foxboro Ranch Estates

What should you know about costs? Starting at as low as $200,000 we can create the luxury house you have always wanted. Since luxury homesites at Foxboro Ranch Estates are so customizable, your home could be whatever you dream it up to be. From cabinets to floors to what you would like to have in your yard, you will be part of the whole process of designing and creating the house you have always wanted, with costs matched to the work done on the homesite.

Call Foxboro Ranch Estates & Build The Luxury Home Of Your Dreams Today!

At Foxboro Ranch Estates we are the best at what we do. For years, we have been building priceless homes and working together with people who enjoy nature and love Northern Arizona. We love what we do and hope to share our passion with everyone. In all of the homes that we build and showcase, our high-quality work and enthusiasm shine through each homesite. Our attention to detail and devotion to building beautiful homes among nature makes us the best company for building the second, luxury home for all of our customers.

At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we offer opportunities to build luxurious homes that can’t be found anywhere else. Crafted with an undeniable rustic, vintage quality, our homes will transport you to another time. Invest in your future and your future generations by building an estate that is priceless. The memories and life that will be lived there will be worth so much. By investing today and building the home of your dreams, you will set yourself and your grandchildren up for a successful and memorable future.

Call today for more information about who we are, what we do, and your options for housing. Learn more about all we do at Foxboro Ranch Estates and have been doing for people looking for luxury homes today!

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