Homes In Arizona

Arizona is a place shaped by opposites and defined by its rich pastiche of peoples and cultures. There is no better place to make your home, or just find a second one to make sure you can enjoy the sun and sky with you and yours. But why get stuck with a house that isn’t quite right, that was built for someone else, and doesn’t have the mystique and tiny details that make it your own when you can have a custom home with Foxboro Ranch Estates.


The lots we have available at Foxboro Ranch Estates offer a beautiful setting with a lake front on one side and the quiet of the national forest behind it. This ensures limited development, and means these unique properties are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

With full road access and conveniently located between the beautiful city of Flagstaff and the cliffs of Sedona, you could not pick a better place to build your own custom home.


Northern Arizona has a charm that is all its own. Foxboro Ranch Estates offers access to all of its beautiful natural amenities, including five National Parks, unmatched hiking, and golf courses set amongst the beauty of the ponderosa pines of Flagstaff and the desert cliffs of Sedona. 

These two cities also offer nightlife, wonderful shopping, and easy access in and out of the area through Flagstaff’s convenient airport. Overall, it’s hard to imagine a more ideal place to put down roots, or build a home to have some fun in.

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