Anyone who lives in the city knows just how stressful and tiring it can be to simply complete your daily to-do list. That’s why country getaways are the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your spirit and quiet your mind, allowing you to reconnect with nature and still the busy humdrum of city life. Making a permanent move out of the city can allow you to enjoy the benefits of country life indefinitely.

Foxboro Ranch Estates is located in the perfect area – slightly removed from the city, which offers peace and tranquility without being too far from modern amenities and conveniences. When most people first think of a desert, they think hot and dry. While this may be true of lowland deserts – scenery, temperature, and landscape drastically change once you hit the region considered high desert. Foxboro is nestled among a bed of mountains and surrounded by forest greenery in Northern Arizona, where residents enjoy temperate weather year round with 4 distinct seasons.

Every spring, watch as the surrounding Ponderosa Pine Forest comes to life. By summer, the trees give off a signature vanilla scent residents and tourists have come to associate with the beautiful region. The surrounding area is home to the “Grand Circle”, a diverse area covering the Southwestern United States and spans 5 different states. It is home to America’s biggest concentration of National Parks and monuments, making access convenient and easy.

Nearby Sedona is every outdoor enthusiast’s dream, boasting majestic landscape and countless recreational activities. Native Americans regarded Sedona as a place of healing and many modern-day tourists are attracted to the area for renewing their spirits. Neighboring vineyards have emerged, drawing wine enthusiasts to enjoy a glass of wine and browsing the ample art galleries in the area.

The city of Flagstaff is also just a short drive away, drawing crowds of 5 million tourists annually. The traffic allows the small population of 68,000 to support many events including annual festivals, fairs, lectures, museums, theater, concerts, and so much more.

On any given summer weekend, there is something to do. Boredom is foreign to this city’s vocabulary. The diverse cuisine Flagstaff offers is surprisingly vast and high quality. Whatever you are in the mood for, you’ll certainly find something that suits your palate.

Choosing to live at Foxboro Ranch Estates would mean you choose to enjoy all the benefits of high desert living and wonders of Arizona.

  • Vast outdoor beauty
  • 4 distinct seasons
  • Quieter living for reduced stress
  • Easy access to nearby amenities
  • Recreational activities – hiking, bicycling, skiing etc.
  • Annual events – festivals, fairs, music etc.
  • Being a part of the most diverse region in America, close to the most beautiful National Parks and monuments
  • High altitude living for increased fitness
  • Something for everyone to enjoy!

Building a unique custom home tailored for your personal needs and wants is easy. Foxboro Ranch Estates offers all-inclusive real estate services, making your building and move one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. If you’re ready to make a move, be sure to consider Foxboro for its beauty, privacy, and convenience without having to give up the amenities only a city can offer.