Northern Arizona is one of the best places to live in the US. With magnificent landscapes, great healthcare services, and fun activities for the whole family, this is the perfect place to build a custom home that will last for generations.

Building a home from scratch is an experience that everyone should have. Is one thing to buy a home that is already made. But nothing compares to the satisfaction of building your own custom home.

What makes a custom home perfect?

Find the Right Partners

You don’t have to deal with the task of hiring all the contractors needed to build a home. There are too many details and moving parts, and we definitely don’t recommend you do it alone.

That is why it’s so important that you look for what is called an all-inclusive real estate company. This is a company that goes beyond selling you a property and giving you the papers and a key. This type of company will take care of everything from helping you setup the mortgage, to building and managing the property.

In Northern Arizona, one of the companies that provides this service is Foxboro Ranch Estates. They have a limited offering of 57 mountain sites where you can build your home. They’ll work with you so you have the perfect home and will take care of everything for you.

Get All the Space You Need

Especially in Northern Arizona, where we have so many beautiful sceneries to enjoy, having as much space as possible is essential. Make sure the land you purchase gives you enough privacy so that you are comfortable in your own space.

Ideally, we recommend your homesite to be at least 3,000 square feet. Don’t go any smaller than that so your investment is worth it. You can never go wrong with more space.

Consistent Design Standards

When you choose your new custom home location, it’s important that you also consider that place’s residential design guidelines. You don’t want to live in a place where you can build your home in a style that fits the environment, only to see your neighbor build a mediterranean or art-deco home.

Choose to live in a place where those kinds of things are important. This is one of many ways you can know whether a place is a good investment. Being committed to design is being committed to quality.

For example, one of the best places to build a custom home in Northern Arizona is Foxboro Ranch Estates. They have a list of architectural requirements that reflects the style of a luxurious mountain home community. These guidelines ensure that you live in a place that is consistently beautiful. At the same time, you are able to express your own family’s style and personality in the way you decorate your home.

Build Your Custom Dream Home in Northern Arizona

Foxboro Ranch Estates is one of the most desirable places in Northern Arizona. Living here gives you the combination of gorgeous weather all year, a perfect location, and unmatched service. You can have the best of both worlds. The beauty of the mountain lifestyle, and the convenience of having Flagstaff and Sedona less than an hour away.