Driving north on I-17 from Phoenix to Flagstaff, you will follow the Exit 317 sign. As you drive further in, the rhythm of the highway becomes the sound of playful chirping and the murmur of the wind. You notice the trees. Thousands of tall towers with their endless greens and browns and yellows, like an audience welcoming you to a place to call home.

You see the cedar and stone entryway, and you are only a few minutes away. While you get to your new home, everything around you is a reminder of all the reasons why you decided to invest here. It’s about family, and legacy, and the chance to enjoy the simple luxury of having a place just for you and those you love. To be fair, the idea of living in a custom home in Northern Arizona, surrounded by the Coconino National Forest was also a factor in the decision. To take an early morning jog in the forest’s pathways, and spend an afternoon teaching your grandkids how to fish in the lake. Having the Pinewood Country Club only a few miles away makes it all perfect.

You see all the space around you. A landscape open to your inspection. Perfectly natural, and absolutely safe. As if God and man plotted together to save this piece of land for you to discover and delight. The air smells like the crispness of the lakes and millions of sweet ponderosa needles warmed by the sun. In the afternoon when the sunlight paints the shadows of the pine trees on the infinite grass, you feel small in a way that builds your spirit and reminds you these are the things that make life worth it.

The car’s engine is off and you put both feet on the asphalt. It’s still hard to believe how easy it was to get your custom mountain home finished. From creating the design, to getting the permits, and the entire construction project, all you really had to do was move in. Foxboro took care of everything.

And then, like a flashback to the present, you look behind you and you see it. You see your house. Standing proud as a symbol of all the stories and the memories that will be made here. A custom home in Northern Arizona to live the best years of your life. Far away from the city’s noise, but close enough to stay connected.

The kids are coming. They haven’t seen the finished house yet. It’s going to be a long night of laughter, food, and wine. A night of timeless conversations,  music, and the joy of being together. They’re almost here. Time to get the bonfire ready. But before you go, you allow yourself one last moment to take it all in and savor it. Deep breath. This is a great life, and all of this belongs to you. All of these possibilities are yours. This is for your family and for you. This is home.

This is life at Foxboro.