At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we provide the best space for residential property owners to build their ideal second home in the towering Ponderosa Pines of Northern Arizona. Your home is a space that you come home to every day keeping you safe, warm, and happy, but imagine having a second home to escape to when you need a getaway from everyday life and a new space to relax. At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we make it possible for home owners to have the best of both worlds when they build a second home on a piece of our pristine Northern Arizona property.

Foxboro Ranch Estates is located in Munds Park, Arizona which is within an hour of Northern Arizona’s gems like Flagstaff’s towering San Francisco Peaks and Sedona’s stunning Red Rocks. Homeowners who build second homes in the private and intimate community of Foxboro Ranch Estates will benefit from a variety of factors that will set their Northern Arizona home apart from others.

First, you get to start from scratch building the home you’ve always wanted. You might love your house, but if you did not build it completely on your own, there may be things about it you would like to change. At Foxboro Ranch Estates, we allow homeowners to build the home they want making every choice from interior paint color to square footage. It is our goal for individuals to be deeply involved in the design process, so they can build a home they are proud of.

Second, we offer spacious mountain homesites that allow you to build your second home away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Foxboro Ranch Estates is located Coconino National Forest which is the largest Ponderosa Pines Forest in the contiguous United States. The mountainous area provides ideal seasonal backdrops all year long. In the warmer months, the land will be covered with lush evergreen views that are home to wildlife like deer, elk, squirrels, and a variety of birds. In the colder months, sparkly white will surround your home, allowing you to cozy up and watch the snowfall. The spacious mountain homesites at Foxboro Ranch Estates are at 7,000 feet elevation which also provide a variety of health benefits such as stronger cardiovascular health.

Third, there are many nearby attractions at Foxboro Ranch Estates that will keep you busy throughout all seasons. Foxboro Ranch Estates is within an hour of Flagstaff, Williams, and Sedona. Each city has farmers markets, restaurants, historical sites, trails, theatres, breweries, and more that will allow you to explore all Northern Arizona has to offer.

You can’t go wrong building your second home in the fresh mountain air of Northern Arizona. Contact our design experts at Foxboro Ranch Estates to build your perfect second home today!